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JBM Author Declaration Statements

All authors must include at the end of the final paper a page of "JBM Author Declaration Statements" containing the following 4 statements. Below are the examples of the statements.

Author Submission Declaration

The authors formaly declare that the content of this paper is the original work of themselves. It has not been published previously in any media including journals, conferences, or websites. It is not being reviewed by any editorial office of publishers. All cited materials have been properly credited with citations in the contexts and the References section.

Similarity Report Declaration

The authors formally declare that the final content of the paper has been analyzed before publication by the similarity analysis software, namely, ___________ and the similarity index is _______% (under the threshold of ≤ 30%).

Conflict-of-Interest Declaration: All authors must disclose any financial and personal relationships with other persons or organizations that could influence their work.

The authors formally declare that no conflict of interest exists.

Author Credits Declaration: This information will appear at the end of the paper below authors' biographical notes. Below is an example for your reference.

Author 1: Conceptualization, Methodology, Software, Model solution, Data curation, Writing- Original draft preparation.

Author 2: Supervision, Writing-Reviewing, Formatting, and Editing.

Author 3: Research idea and design, Participation in related article writing.




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