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Submission Guidelines

Before you proceed with the instructions on this page, please make sure you already reviewed the instructions on the "Information for author" page.

Authors are required to submit their papers in PDF or MS-Word DOC format electronically via the Journal Management System.

Please review the following instructions and CLICK HERE to submit papers.


  • A submitted manuscript must be written in English with double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one single column format. It must contain original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication or review elsewhere.
  • If you are a first-time user to the JMS portal, please register as a new author to submit your paper files.
  • By submitting a paper to JBM, the author agrees to abide by the publication ethics stipulated in COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) .


Instructions for Authors

  1. Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. (N.B. Conference papers may only be submitted if the paper was not originally copyrighted and if it has been completely re-written with less than 30% similarity.)
  2. Papers must be prepared in English.
  3. The author must check and correct all grammatical or spelling errors before submission. There are various online software tools available free to authors, e.g., Grammarly Basic (click here to install) could be downloaded and installed free of charge and is highly recommended for JBM authors.
  4. There is no submission deadline for JBM. All papers will be double-blind reviewed by at least two reviewers, who will be recommended by the Editorial Board. The processing time for the first-round formal reviews is about six weeks. Subsequent rounds of reviews tend to be faster.
  5. To simplify file conversion effort, PDF or Microsoft Word (for Windows) DOC format is advised. Then, please submit your paper via the JBM Journal Management System (URL:
  6. JBM is an open-access academic journal. According to international practice, JBM will not give or take any payment for submitting and reviewing the paper. As an open-access journal, a nominal article processing fee (APC) is charged for only the paper accepted for publication. Once the paper is published, the author can download the paper or any paper from JBM website freely for non-commercial usage.
  7. The submitted and accepted paper should follow the author guidelines for paper submission provided on the JBM website to format the pages for publication.

The submitted paper should include [1] paper title (15-30 words), [2] structured abstract (200-500 words), [3] 5-10 keywords, [4] the paper body (5000-10000 words), [5] references (30+), and/or appendices. The information of author(s) should not appear anywhere in the paper body file, including page header and footer. An accepted-paper author should follow the author guidelines for paper submission provided on the JBM website to format the pages for publication. An author could use free style to format the paper body file for submissions but with full citations using the APA styles and the content orgnanized using the following suggested sections:

Each author must submit three files:

  1. On a separate (cover letter) file, please suggest at least three reviewers for your papers who are willing to review and have published SCI/SSCI articles pertinent to your paper title with hyperlinks accessing their papers online. Behind the letter, please provide a copy of similarity check report created by software such as Turnitin, iThenticate, etc. Any paper without this report will not be processed for reviews.
  2. On a separate (title page) file, please note the title of the paper, names of authors, affiliations, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and E-mail addresses, acknowledgment/funding sources, and the four required author declaration statements.
  3. On a separate (paper body) file, please prepare the content following the instructions in the above paragraph. Please make very sure that the authors' information is not in both the body text and the file properties. The structured abstract should not exceed 500 words and the number of keywords must be 5-10 words. All tables and figures must be placed near the contexts where they are cited, not at the end of the body. Specifically, please make sure that your MANUSCRIPT file contains:
    (1) the paper title,
    (2) the abstract,
    (3) the keywords, and
    (4) the paper body.

For paper and structured abstract organizations, please see Manuscript Guidelines
Final Submission for Accepted Paper

Please correct your paper content to comply with the instructions in the above sections and refer to APA Citation Styles for the References Section of JBM for details (URL:

After the final acceptance of an article, authors should expect minor editing for style consistency. Please use Microsoft Word software to prepare the manuscript in DOC (not DOCX) format. Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication will be asked to upload in one ZIP file via the journal website (1) the APC receipt, (2) the copyright transfer form, and (3) the final article in DOC format containing full contact information and biographical note of each author. .

NOTE: There is no need to send any hard copies for your paper during the review or production process. All communications must be done by emails.

Copyright Transfer Agreement Form for the Paper

Finally, please also download the Copyright Transfer Agreement Form and type and sign it (by contact author only) before you upload it to the Journal Management System along with the final package, within one week after you received the acceptance letter.

Paper Review Process for JBM

  Second Reviewer's Decision
Conclusion Accept Minor Revisions Major Revisions Reject
First Reviewer's Decision Accept Accepted for Publication Send back for Revision, then Accept Send back for Revision, then Reexamine *
Minor Revisions Send back for Revision, then Accept Send back for Revision, then Accept Send back for Revision, then Reexamine *
Major Revisions Send back for Revision, then Reexamine Send back for Revision, then Reexamine Send back for Revision, then Reexamine Reject
Reject * * Reject Reject

* In this case, the editor in chief or executive editor will make a decision (i.e., reject, seek the third reviewer's opinion, or ask for major revisions) by evaluating the scores and commands from the two reviewers.




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