Journal of Business and Management
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Volume 18, Number 1, 2012
  1. Extending the 8 Forces Framework of Attachment and Voluntary Turnover
    Carl P. Maertz, Jr., Scott L. Boyar, Allison W. Pearson
  2. Factors Affecting the Governance of Innovation: A Theoretical Modeal
    Avimanyu Datta, Richard Reed, Len Jessup
  3. Safety and Organizational Design Factors: Decentralization and Alignment/a>
    Kristy J. Lauver, Christine Quinn Trank
  4. Student Perceptions of Their Writing Skills: Myth and Reality
    Mark G. Simkin, Janna M. Crews, Mary J. Groves
  5. R&D Effort, Effectiveness, and Firm Performance in the Pharmaceutical Sector.
    Annetta Fortune, Lois Shelton



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