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Volume 23, Numbers 1/2, September 2017

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Eldon Y. Li


Impact of Impulsive Personality Traits and Store Environment on Impulse Buying Behavior unlock

Chandan Parsad, Sanjeev Prashar, and Vinita Sahay
DOI: 10.6347/JBM.201709_23(1_2).0001


Interplay of Strategic Orientations, Innovativeness, and Industrial Sectors in Enhancing Innovation Performance unlock

Colin C.J. Cheng, Chenlung Yang, and Chwen Sheu
DOI: 10.6347/JBM.201709_23(1_2).0002


The Moderating Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Loan Officers' Judgments and Decisions unlock

Bruce Lagrange, Estelle M. Morin, and Chantal Viger
DOI: 10.6347/JBM.201709_23(1_2).0003


What Women Want? An Analysis of Demographics and Different Factors Influencing Online Shopping in India unlock

Prashant Raman
DOI: 10.6347/JBM.201709_23(1_2).0004


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