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Volume 25, Number 2, September 2019

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Eldon Y. Li, Wei-Hsi (Frank) Hung


Return on investment from supplier/risk management unlock

Christopher A. Hoeckel, Josef Neuert, Marcus Schuller, Alla Schwamborn, Jianpeng Wang
DOI: 10.6347/JBM.201909_25(2).0001


Power of the scent: Exploring the role of sensory appeals on consumer product attitude unlock

Ruchi Garg, Ritu Chhikara
DOI: 10.6347/JBM.201909_25(2).0002


Does the need for social status among price conscious consumers induces consumption of counterfeit luxury brands? unlock

Sameeullah Khan, Asif Iqbal Fazili
DOI: 10.6347/JBM.201909_25(2).0003


Innovation in marketing strategy: A customer lifetime value approach unlock

Mehir Kumar Baidya, Bipasha Maity, Kamal Ghose
DOI: 10.6347/JBM.201909_25(2).0004


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