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Final Submission for Accepted Paper

For paper and structured abstract organizations, please see Manuscript Guidelines
Final Submission for Accepted Paper

Please correct your paper content to comply with the instructions in the above sections and refer to APA Citation Styles for the References Section of JBM for details (URL:

After the final acceptance of an article, authors should expect minor editing for style consistency. Please use Microsoft Word software to prepare the manuscript in DOC (not DOCX) format. Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication will be asked to upload in one ZIP file via the journal website (1) the copyright transfer form and (2) the final article in DOC format containing full contact information and biographical note of each author.

NOTE: There is no need to send any hard copies for your paper during the review or production process. All communications must be done by emails.

CHECKLIST: In your MANUSCRIPT file, please:

  • Put the tables and figures near the contexts where you cite them.
  • Put each author's full name, job title, affiliation, address, phone numbers, email account, and short bio behind the paper body, in the authorship sequence.
  • Make sure that the file contains the following sections:
    (1) the paper title,
    (2) the authorship list,
    (3) the structured abstract,
    (4) the keywords,
    (5) the paper body, and
    (6) complete author information and biographical notes.
  • Please click to download this sample JBM paper and use it as a template to format your paper.
  • Note that the JBM has become a Diamond Open Access journal and requires no artile processing charge (APC) since April 1, 2022.

Open Access Copyright Agreement Form for the Paper

Finally, please also download and complete the OA Copyright Agreement Form and sign it (by contact author only) before you upload it to the Journal Management System along with the final package, within one week after you received the acceptance letter.


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